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Pink Washable Pads


Pretty washable pads designed and made in the Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal, are comfortable and easy to use. The soft fabric attaches securely to underwear and is simple to wash, dry and reuse.

Pink Pack contains 1x Base and 4x Absorbent pads.

Optional Extra: Pink Storage Bag.

Will Pink Washable Pads Suit you?


Saves money (R50 per month) for 3 years
Need clean water and soap to wash well
Need outdoor sunlight to dry and sanitise
No plastic against your skin causing irritation and sweatiness.

Instructions for Use


Step 1

Fold the flannel pad in half and slide it under the cotton tape on both ends.

Step 2

Fold the fabric base around your panties so the flannel pad is on top. Fasten the base underneath with the velcro / press studs.

Step 3

Change the flannel pad every few hours or sooner if you need to.

Step 4

Replace with a clean flannel pad.

Step 5

Change the fabric base if you have leaked through and it is wet.

Step 6

Soak overnight and hand wash in cold water. Dry it in the sun.


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