Be Confident, Independent & Gorgeous

PINK is a social enterprise partnership that aims to produce & supply menstrual products that are affordable and environmentally conscious.


Products are supplied through a network of community agents, enabling easier access while creating meaningful part-time employment.  In the process , we endevour to change behaviour, encouraging independence & build confidence in our community.



Pretty washable menstrual pads, hand made with love in the midlands – saving rivers, saving money.



An alternative menstrual product that is hygenic, uncomplicated, safe, eco-friendly and cost effective.



Environmentally friendly menstrual pads made of natural fibres (mostly banana), for women by women.

Pink Launch (219)-sml

Empowering Women

Not everyone can afford commercial pads and tampons, which means many young women do not take advantage of opportunities that come their way – choosing instead to stay home during the days they menstruating to avoid possible embarrassment.

At Pink, we believe that every woman has the right to participate in life 

– no matter the time of the month!

Try one of the washable, biodegradable or re-usable products this month.

Pink in the Community


What Customers are Saying

Masesi Masiteng


” I used to struggle buying pads every month. Especially before I was employed. But with Pink Washable Pads I have less stress about where my next pack will come from. Thank you Pink

Malara Chere


” At first I used to use just cuts of cloth. Sometimes they would shift and were not very comfortable. Thanks to Pink I am now able to be comfortable because the Pink Washable Pad can be secured and does not shift around.”

Marianne Valentine


The plastic content of the sanitary towels that I was using started to bother me seriously in 2017. I tried and failed to obtain reusable sanitary towels at three retailers. Bless Pink Care Cloth Pads for theirs. Their option to pay via internet banking, delivery of their products and their communication mainly via WhatsApp are as fantastic as their products.